Ocean Sunglasses Tierra De Fuego

Ocean Sunglasses Tierra De Fuego

This model of high class technical sunglasses is aimed at those who love water sports, whether profesionals or amateurs, who enjoy kitesurfing, SUP or sailing, as safely and comfortably as possible.

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Ocean Sunglasses Tierra De Fuego

This model has been developed with the most extreme conditions where water sports are practiced. They have ATOM system polarized lens, which reduce the harmful effect in the eye when the sun reflecting on the sea.
In addition, its frame is exceptionally comfortable due to interior padded that fits perfectly the shape of your face, remaining always the same place, preventing the water in your eyes. The floating frame is the finishing touch for this popular model. Choose your favourite color and enjoy!

Tierra de fuego model has been created to withstand the most extreme conditions in which sports like kitesurfing, sailing or SUP are practiced.

This model offers excellent technical performances as it has insulating anti-splash, strong impact protection and polarized lenses, extremely important thing to a safety practice of any water sport. Practice kitesurfing safely with your Tierra de fuego.

The Ocean team is aware of the risks to which your eyes undergo when you practice sports like kitesurfing, as solar rays on the water surface can cause significant vision problems to a person who is on the board. That is why we have developed polarized lens with ATOM system, that significantly reduces this detrimental effect on your eyes cornea.

In addition to polarized lenses with ATOM system, this model includes a floating frame that ensures the sunglasses stay on the water surface in case they fall into the sea.

A design that suits you.

On our website you will be able to choose the design for your Tierra de fuego: lenses revo or smoked, both options equally reliable, and with many color options for your frame: yellow, blue, white, green, red… We offer a variety of options to find no limitations when choosing your perfect sunglasses. In addition, you have the possibility to exchange the arms for an adjustable band (included) around your head that fits comfortably and easily, so you can enjoy kitesurfing without worrying about anything else. You will not even feel you are wearing your Ocean!

regulation Protection according to CE EN 1836 and USA ANSI Z80.3
lens w/6c Cat.3 Smoke
UV100% Protection/CE with ATOM system
POLARIZED with ATOM system
HYDROPHOBIC coating-water repellent Anti-impact protection
frame Policarbonate,
Lightweight material.
w/eva foam on back of the frame(removable)
strap Adjustable, elastic and removable w/floater
material policarbonate lightweight