NSI Freedom Wing Waist Leash

NSI Freedom Wing Waist Leash

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4′ Leash, no clips

Fits waist sizes 26″ to 50″. After sizing to your needs, belt can be trimmed and the ends burnt to keep the extra flap to a minimum.

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The Details

NSI’s Freedom Waist Leash offers freedom and comfort. Features a neoprene padded belt that stays comfortable even during long sessions with additional reinforced webbing to resist twisting. Bungee leash utilizes a unique combination of ¼” bungee, covered with tubular nylon webbing allowing for a shorter leash which can stretch to nearly double its length. Sliding loop attachment points accommodate regular or goofy foot riders. Left, right, front or back wing leash positions are possible with our multiple attachment points.

  • Super strong Spectra and Nylon Webbing loop create a dependable leash attachment point
  • No coils, plastic tubing or metal components to "wack" your board or you, just soft durable components
  • Can be worn over a harness/PFD, or trimmed down and worn around the waist
  • Easy to use Quick Release 1.5” buckle with spectra knot pull for fast detachment in hairy situations.

4’ and 5’ leash options - Nearly double when stretched

Install/special instructions:    Simply slide the adjustable attachment point around to your back or other preferred point for paddling out. Can be worn alone or over waist harness or PFD.

We recommend using the bungee as Wing Leash only and not as a board leash - we cannot warranty board use for Windsurfing and SUP

Optional stainless steel quick disconnect swivel clip for wing attachment allows you to separate yourself from the wing, either in the water if any situations were to arise (possible at times to use it as a quick release) or out of the water so you can stow the harness and wing separately. Put it on the harness side to keep your leash with the wing, or on the wing side to keep the leash with the harness, or both with two! It also works as a swivel, for less chance of raveling, especially during aerial maneuvers. 2 1/2” long x 1 1/8” wide x 1/2” thick with 1/2” Eye