North Waist Belt with Wing Leash

North Waist Belt with Wing Leash


Includes: 1x Waist Belt, 1x Wing Leash, 2x Attachment Loops

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This lightweight waist belt with sliding harness attachment points for both your board leash and your wing leash is adjustable for all waist sizes. A high-quality nylon webbing wing leash (for wing use only) is included with the waist belt for easy-grip and fast wing retrieval. Good elasticity in the webbing and bungy-cord core provides greater forgiveness and helps to soften the jolt when your wing escapes. Please note: the Wing Leash supplied with this waist belt is designed to secure your Nova Wing. To secure your board, we recommend you connect the North Quick Release Board Leash (sold separately) to the second attachment loop on the waist belt.


  • Adjustable for all waist sizes with quick release safety
  • Dual sliding attachment points - wing leash up QR board leash down
  • Includes high quality elasticised nylon webbing wing leash
  • Lightweight slimline design with comfort lining
  • Recommended for use with Quick Release Board Leash (sold separately)



North Kiteboarding draws deep roots from North Sailing. The new North is not to be confused with Duotone who used to be branded as North.