NexStraps Eyewear Retainers

NexStraps Eyewear Retainers

Fits most eyewear.  3 safety breakaways.  Floats most eyewear.  For all extreme sports.

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NexStraps Eyewear Retainers

What We Think

  The best retainer for keeping your shades handy no matter which direction they fly off.

From NexStraps

Our design team spent years designing, testing, and ultimately creating the next step in eyewear retention: the NexStrap.

Stop breaking, scratching, damaging and losing glasses from over-the-head type accidents.  Our patented design combines the benefits of every eyewear retainer on the market, with an added snap piece that gently loops around your neck and snaps in front, much like a necklace.

Use the dual-slide adjustment pieces to wear it snug when needed, or leave them together, and wear it relaxed for everyday use.

No need to worry about being strangled, as our patented snap-piece ensures a break-away due to any snag or hold up. True peace of mind knowing you are NOT going to lose your eyewear!

NexStraps are hand built in our Denver, Colorado factory and EVERY pair is checked, and double-checked to ensure the highest quality.  NexStraps are constructed from soft, durable neoprene to ensure lightweight comfort.


Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Camo