Neil Pryde Impact Vest SZ

Neil Pryde Impact Vest SZ

* not a flotation device

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Neil Pryde

NeilPryde Ltd. (Pryde Group) is a Hong Kong based Sports Group composed of three key business platforms - manufacturing, distribution and brand management. Neil Pryde makes everything from wet suits to sails and Olympic race boards

Neil Pryde Impact Vest SZ


A kite impact vest for you to stay safe when pushing your limits.

The Neil Pryde Impact vest with a sidezip will fit with your harness over the vest.

The soft foam and anatomical fit will enhance your protection when hitting the water and the fit will make it sit tight and comfortable.


  • Side-zipper for more flexibility and a snug fit
  • Ultra-soft foam – for added comfort
  • Anatomical fit – for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Can be worn with a harness over the vest
  • Dura-Flex neoprene – flexible and durable outer
  • Segmented foam – to lessen the impact from crashes