MFC Surf Large Hydro Foil


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Mast|Fuselage|Front Wing|Back Wing|Shims|Assembly Hardware|Pedestal Mounting Hardware|Bag


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What MFC says…

HYDROS is the new surfing Hydrofoil made by MFC in collaboration with The Hydrofoil Company in a cooperative effort to deliver what we think is the best surf hydrofoil on the market. A full carbon molded hydrofoil, the HYDROS uses the most innovative materials and technology to achieve an incredible performance at under 3kg of weight. The innovative wing designs, its mast and fuselage fittings and stability and the option to adjust the back wing according to conditions. are what make the HYDROS unique and different.


Tech Specs

  • Full carbon construction
  • Two wing options available, Medium 1050 or Large 1250
  • Medium 1050 best for big waves, kiteboarding, or people less than 170 lbs.
  • Large 1250 best for small waves and surfers bigger than 170 lbs.
  • 70cm carbon mast with pedestal mount
  • High quality padded foil bag included
  • Hardware kit and tools included
  • Board mounting hardware included
  • 3 Back wing shims included
  • 6.6 lbs for the complete 1250 and 6.4 lbs for the complete 105