2017 Liquid Force Space Craft 144

2017 Liquid Force Space Craft 144

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Surfboard-like outline allows exceptional carving.

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2017 Liquid Force Space Craft


This board is a hybrid between the Moon Patrol, which is more surfboard oriented, and a standard twin tip, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether you're looking to ride through the chop or shred some freestyle action, this twist on the original twin tip board will surely deliver.

This board comes with fins. Feeling like you lack some direction in your kiteboarding? Looking to blast into outer orbit and land like a floating feather? The Space Craft will cover all these needs and then some! Utilizing T.F.R.(Tips, Front, Rear) technology that allows for easy riding both nose and tail forward, the added slight offset back from center outline and asymmetrical rocker creates a chop soaking, big boosting, smooth landing experience that will change your view of riding a multi directional board forever. Drawing design direction from past mutant folklore, modern surf shapes, and directional snowboards, the Space Craft offers hard carving action that is an easy cross over from your standard twin. Like its larger brother the Moon Patrol, the Space Craft comes with 6 fins; 4 x 4cm and 2 x 5cm, to adjust the ride the conditions or preference of feel.




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