Liquid Force Hydro Foil Mast and Wing Set

Liquid Force Hydro Foil Mast and Wing Set


Tough. Easy. Stable. Good Looking. Everything you want from your Foil!

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 46 × 12 in

Includes  Liquid Force Foil Mast, Both wings, Fuselage, Bolt kit and Padded Carry Bag

 Buying one? Check out this article on how to safely and effectively put one together!


They are HERE!  Limited quantites in stock now. Your magic carpet board that will give you one of the closest feelings to flying is now in a fingertips reach.  Getting into hydrofoiling can quickly become a long process and expensive.  Liquid Force has changed that by making a foil that is user friendly to everyone from the beginner to the advanced level.  The foil system is made up of a aluminum and a fiber glass molded foil wing set.  The aluminum gives the foil forgiveness in the impact department.  This allows your foil to take moderate impact with more forgivness then carbon can offer.  Looking at the wing set, we can tell that Liquid Force thought it through the whole way.  Carbon is tough to repair where as a fiberglass wing that chips is a much easier fix that will add longevity to your wing set.