Lift X2 Foil Mast (28″, 32″, 36″)

Lift X2 Foil Mast (28″, 32″, 36″)

The X2 Mast Series is for riders who desire the ultimate in mast stiffness and control.

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The X2 Mast Series is for riders who desire the ultimate in mast stiffness and control. Built with our high-modulus carbon fiber construction, Lift fine-tuned the geometry to provide increased stiffness and flex control. The slightly thicker profile of this mast provides 2X the stiffness of our Classic Mast Series. The tradeoff is minimally increased drag. Heavier riders will appreciate the added control and responsiveness, especially when riding wide wingspan foils.


Mast Length: 28”(71cm) – 32”(81cm) – 36”(91cm)

Mast Weight: 3.8lbs (32”)

Rider Weight Recommendation: Above 185 Lbs.



The standard length in the performance foiling market. This mast is versatile, responsive, and maneuverable. The 28″ mast keeps your wings higher in the water, locking you into the surface energy for surfing and pumping.

Uses: Surf, Wake, Down-Wind, Beginner Kite, Beginner Wing.


The perfect mast when the surf gets a little bigger and faster. The increased height provides more room for error and allows you to bank tight turns without your wing tips breaching the surface.

Uses: Advanced Surf, Tow-Surf, Advanced Wake, Down-Wind, Intermediate Kite, Intermediate Wing.


This mast is excellent for towing into larger surf or riding behind a kite. This is your mast if you want the maximum ride height while maintaining performance. The additional height allows you to lean harder and point further upwind on a kite and wing foil rig.

Uses: XL Tow-Surf, Advanced Kite, Race Winging. 


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28", 32", 36"


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