Armstrong Foil Package Builder

Armstrong Foil Package Builder

Build your own custom Armstrong Package!! Add the components you want. To make a complete rideable package from scratch, you will need a Mast, Fuselage, Front Wing and Stabilizer. Each item comes with hardware needed for that item.

Not sure what items to choose?! We are here to help. Choosing the right gear can be overwhelming. We want to make it easy so take a look below. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Choosing the right Armstrong Mast:

There are three main things to determine when choosing the correct Armstrong Mast for you. These three things are Mast Connection, Mast Height, and Mast Construction.

Mast Connection-

Does your board have two tracks? They are basically longboard fin boxes in which T-nuts go into and the mast will be secure with 4 bolts. This is they typical connection nowadays. In this case, you need a Plate Mast. These masts do come with T-nuts and bolts.

If not, then its most likely a Tuttle box connection. This is less common these days as it requires a thicker board and there are different box depths. We do have a few Tuttle masts if thats what you need. But majority of boards and masts are going to be Plate Masts.

Mast Height-

Mast height is usually determined by the discipline of foiling you are primarily doing. Probably the most versatile mast height out there is the Performance 795.  This mast is 79.5cm and is a pretty good size for most types of foiling. If you are foiling in shallow water, then you may want to go shorter like the 72cm or 65cm masts. The shorter masts are also easier to learn on. If you are winging in deeper water or rolling swell, you may wish for something a little longer like the 85cm or taller. Most kite foilers also prefer the taller masts. The extra height allows you to get better angles when leaning into the power and gives a larger margin for error while going over swell or wind chop.

Mast Construction-

Armstrong offers two main types of mast. The Standard A+ mast which has been around a few years now and works great. Its great for most cases and the average rider. If you are going with a larger front wing and/or are looking to get even more performance, then you should look a the Performance Mast series. These Performance Masts are built out of higher modulus carbon making them stiffer and less susceptible to twist/flex. They also have a faster section reducing drag. The rake of the mast is also slightly different making them perform better in higher speeds and while landing jumps. The Performance 795 mast is probably one of our best selling items in the shop.