Lift Surf Rear Tail Wing 34

Lift Surf Rear Tail Wing 34


Lift Surf 34 Rear Tail Wing

The smallest tail wing intended for the kids. The smaller size makes pumping easier. If you’re an advanced rider, try this tail wing with our larger front wings for increased maneuverability and higher RPMs when pumping.

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Two-piece Surf Series Designs.

What Lift says...

Our new surf series designs are a two piece construction where the front and back wings are interchangeable for easy transport and multiple configurations. When put together, they make the same hydrodynamic shape of our classic foil designs that reduce drag and turbulence through the water.


Lift (MHL)

Lift used to be called MHL. They are the leaders in carbon hydrofoil market. Pioneering the E-foil and created top of the line foils for surfing, kiting, paddleboarding and more.