Lift 2024 Foil Surf Board

Lift 2024 Foil Surf Board


Each board comes complete with a custom fit bag. Lightweight enough for daily use, but durable enough for airline travel. Bring your board with you in confidence.

Foil Board Volume

30 Liters, 40 Liters


Jet Black, Off-White

At Lift, they view a board as more than just a board; they see it as a functional piece of art, equally encompassing performance, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. Their semi-custom boards are produced in small batches and laminated by master craftsmen to ensure that each board looks as good as it feels underfoot.

Designed by the renowned Maui shaper Sean Ordonez in collaboration with Lift’s team riders, these boards are designed to elevate your flying experience to new heights. Lift’s newest collection prioritizes two key elements: effortless take-off and balanced flight while on the foil. Your Lift foil experience reaches its full potential only when paired with a Lift board. Meticulously calibrated rocker lines, mast track, and insert placements ensure harmonious flight with Lift’s foils.

Constructed from a lightweight EPS core and wrapped in full carbon, these boards not only deliver exceptional performance but also boast stunning aesthetics and durability. Each board comes complete with a custom fit bag, front and back EVA traction, self-regulating gore vent, and double leash plugs.

4’4 – 30L

The 4’4 30L is the go-to high-performance prone board for our team riders. The stretched narrow outline provides excellent paddle power for its size while remaining nimble enough for the most radical maneuvers. The numerous strap inserts allow the versatility of towing, kiting, winging, and more importantly; going upside down.

Dimensions: 4’4 x 19 x 2.9in”

Weight: 7 – 7.7 lbs. (3.2 – 3.5 kg.)

Inserts: Surf + Wing/Kite.

4’8- 40L

The 4’8 40L is the quiver killer. A nice, easy volume for prone foiling also doubles as an excellent sinker wing board. If you’re going to have one board for all foiling aspects, this is the board.

Board Dimensions: 4’8 x 20 x 3.4in”

Board Weigh: 9.3 – 9.24 lbs. (3.8 – 4.2 kg.)

Inserts: Surf + Wing.

5’4 70L

The 5’4 70L is the ultimate wingboard daily driver. Sure, you can get away with lower volume wingboards in perfect conditions, but this board will work in any and all conditions. Big enough to get you up and riding in light wind, yet small enough to disappear under your feet as you lean into carves and ride waves.

Board Dimensions: 5’4 x 25 x 4in”

Board Weight: 11 – 12.75 lbs. (5 – 5.8 kg.)

Inserts: Surf + Wing.

7’0 108L

The 7’0 is our team’s go-to downwind SUP board. It doubles as an excellent light wind wingboard for riders of all levels. From ocean bumps to river bumps this board pops up quickly and provides a dialed in surfing experience.

Board Dimensions: 7’0 x 20 x 5.9in”

Board Weight: 13.2 – 14.7 lbs. (6 – 6.6 kg.)

Inserts: No

8’0 120L

The 8’0 downwind board is for those looking to get into the sport of downwind SUP foiling, or for riders who like the ease of a little extra length and volume. The board feels stable and quick on the water which leads to easy take off. Once in flight this board shines as a board that surfs incredibly well for its size.

Board Dimensions: 8’0 x 22 x 5.8in”

Board Weight: 15 – 16.5 lbs. (6.9 – 7.5 kg.)

Inserts:  No