Koahi Deluxe Changing Bucket

Koahi Deluxe Changing Bucket


Kaohi deluxe changing buckets are made to travel or just stay home.

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20” diameter – holds all your gear- wetsuits, leashes, impact vests, rash guards, slippers, towels, etc

Padded bottom – softer on the feet in the lava rock, gravel, pine needles and hot pavement

Velcro handle – keeps your gear in the bucket and easy to carry

Thicker Inflatable SUP material – enhanced durability and stays vertical for when you change

$20 bonus 1 gallon collapsible water bottle included: Use the water to clean your feet or gear when showers aren’t available. It’s also a great back-up supply of drinking water. Bring your own water on us

Care Instructions: Rinse your gear and bucket after every use. Hang dry. Store inside. Although this is made of the highest quality material and construction, as with any products, extended exposure or storage in the sun will cause the color to fade and degraded the material