Kitefix Gluefix- Valve, Bladder, Kite Repair

Kitefix Gluefix- Valve, Bladder, Kite Repair


1 ounce tube of glue for repairing bladders, valves, leading edges and more.

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Kitefix makes some top of the line Repair Kits to travel with. Offering glue for your valves or bladders as well as tape to repair your canopy.

GluFix is the only adhesive specially formulated for kitesurfing equipment. Fast drying, ultra-resistant and flexible. GluFix will allow you to make permanent and durable repairs on your kitesurf equipment. Used with FiberFix, one GluFix tube allows you to repair a tear up to 48” long!


This is a must have for a quick and easy bladder, valve, leading edge or canopy repair.