2020 North Focus Hybrid Kiteboard

2020 North Focus Hybrid Kiteboard


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Focus Hybrid Series

The Focus is a high-performance Freestyle board precisely engineered to push the boundaries and generate ultimate pop for aggressive Freestyle moves. Greater traction allows you to hold that rail and edge harder, while the geometrically stiffer backbone enables more controlled takeoffs. Your ideal balance between stiffness and flex, with butter-soft tips to reduce the impact load on landings and glide through chop.


Hybrid construction

More forgiving flex so you can ride for longer, with flow and form.

Unidirectional carbon

Progressive rocker line
Quad concave bottom shape
Stomp your landings
Harmony between rocker, outline and flex
Ergonomic handle30mm fins included
Standardized SS316 M6x16 screws
133x40   136x41   139x42   142x43

Board, TwinTip Board Accessory Kit

In stores September 2019

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133×40, 136×41, 139×42, 142×43



North Kiteboarding draws deep roots from North Sailing. The new North is not to be confused with Duotone who used to be branded as North.