Ion SUP Core Hip Belt

Ion SUP Core Hip Belt


ION SUP Core Hip Belt, a hip belt that can be combined with a SUP-leash, increases your mobility on the board and is particularly useful for technical turns and flowing water.

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The ION SUP Core Hip Belt is a hip belt that you can combine with a regular SUP leash (safety line). You pull the ankle strap from your SUP leash around the hip belt. The advantage of the hip belt over a regular ankle strap is that you can move freely on the board without the leash getting in the way of your feet. Especially if you want to practice turns or compete in technical distances, you will benefit from having the safety line attachment higher up. Another area of use is paddling in flowing water where it becomes a major disadvantage to have the line attached to your feet as it can be difficult to move after a capsize when the board and the line pull on your feet.

‘Note: the safety line is not included with the purchase of this product. You will need to combine it with a SUP leash.


  • Hip belt to be combined with a regular one SUP-leash
  • Easy adjustment and panic opening with Velcro fastener
  • Recommended for technical paddling, races with beach finish and flowing waters
  • Only 135 g