Ion Claw Water Gloves 3/2

Ion Claw Water Gloves 3/2


Pre-Shaped for maximum grip

Neo accessories are the key for turning your cold water days into good ones. The pre-curved shape of ION’s Claw Gloves reduce hand fatigue and supports them for a better grip.


Pre shaped design provides wind protection even when your fingers are not slid inside the mittens.


An additional layer of Tatex_Glue on the GBS_Seams for even more water-resistance. Due to the complex process, only the premium products are equipped with this feature.

Glued Blind Stitch

Glued and blind-stitched seams are crafted by first applying adhesive, followed by stitching with a curved needle halfway through the neoprene to ensure water resistance.


80% Neopren 20% Nylon