Hq Fluxx Trainer Kite

Hq Fluxx Trainer Kite

The Fluxx trainer is everything you need from your first trainer kite!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 28 in

1.3m, 2.2m



HQ is the industry leader in Foil kites and trainer kites. HQ Kites & Designs USA is a national sales and distribution company located Powells Point, NC a great area live and work in the wonderful Outer Banks region.

Includes Fluxx Trainer Kite complete with attached lines and control bar and matching ripstop kite case


The fluxx trainer kite from HQ is one of the best trainers to work on your kite skills. With it’s small size at 1.3 meters, almost any age or size can be comfortable flying it. The color coated red and blue control bar is comfortable and allows you to practice the steering motion of a REAL KITEBOARDING KITE. The fluxx comes already set up for you. Just unravel and start practicing.

By launching, landing, diving and playing with a trainer kite, you can practice the concepts of kiteboarding in a safe and effective way.


Size 1.3 1.8 2.2
Flat Area (m²) 0.60 0.90 1.33
Flat Span (cm) 130 180 220
Height (cm) 55 60 73
Flat AR 2.82 3.60 3.63
Cells 11 13 15
Wind Range (Bft.) 2-6
10-45 km/h
6-28 mph
5-24 Knots
8-45 km/h
5-28 mph
4-24 Knots
8-38 km/h
5-24 mph
4-21 Knots
Dyneema Line Set (incl.)

45 kp
2 x 20 m

100 kp
2 x 25 m
100 kp
2 x 25 m 
Control Option Control Bar 50 cm Control Bar 50 cm Control Bar 50 cm

Flying lines already attached to the kite
Stable flying characteristics
Durable construction
Perfect first step into powerkiting