Ensis Watersports Wing Surf

What we think: These wings are great! The handle system is revolutionary. It allows for micro adjustments and easy handling WITHOUT the use of a hard boom or added setup time. The 3 long stiff handles along the strut work really well. Great for playing in the waves, switching during jibe/tacks or adjusting power.  Great for wingers of all levels.

ENSIS Wings are for surfers who want to push the boundaries in wingsurfing. 

ENSIS Wings perform exactly the same in minimum winds and storms: with perfect flight stability, lots of power and maximum propulsion.

ENSIS Wings are simply fun - whether on the SUP board or with the hydrofoil. Thanks to their easy handling, even during setup and breakdown. You will get on the water faster, have longer fun, learn easier and do better wingsurfing.

Sizes: 2.5 m2, 3.5 m2, 4.5 m2, 5.2 m2, 6.0 m2

Areas or discipline: Freeride, wave, freestyle Scope of delivery:

Includes: ENSIS Wing, high quality bag and Hand-wrist leash

For first attempts up to the Pro The wing flies extremely stable, is easy to hold and has unbelievable power and propulsion for starting, cruising and jumping. Ideal for everyone, from first discovery to professional level. Maximum performance in all wind strengths The unique design enables this perfect combination of stability, power and propulsion. Ideal for light winds up to gusts of wind. The sailcloth is also stretched without wind pressure, so that flutter is reduced and maximum control is guaranteed. For freeride, wave and freestyle Enormous propulsion, easily controllable power and perfect stability - these properties are combined with easy handling and guarantee maximum fun while freeriding, riding waves and freestyling.

Perfectly placed handles- The 4 handles are exactly where they need to be. 3 wide handles for perfect placement of the hands and a narrow handle in the middle of the strut for the harness ropes. For all windsurfers who don't want to do without a boom: Thanks to the eyelet at the end of the strut, a boom can be easily mounted. Highest material quality, precise processing The highest quality was ensured with every piece processed. The wing is extremely robust and light. Small package to take with you The wing can be folded up very small and simply carried in the bag.

Wing Surfer Size

2.5m, 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.2m, 6.0m



Ensis makes high performance wings for wingsurfing. Mostly designed for Freestyle style riding.