Clear Traction Pad for surfboards or skimboards


Clear Traction Pad for surfboards or skimboards

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Hot Grip Clear Traction Pad for surf or skim boards

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Surfco Hawaiian Hot Grip Clear Board Grip



  • See through clear, tinted, and solid colors.
  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit.
  • Non-abrasive surface.
  • Air Chamber Technology allows the pad to conform to the foot.
  • Unique water flow channels – directs water off the board.
  • Smooth beveled edges that will not irritate the knees.
  • Unique textured surface for maximum grip.
  • Easy to apply one-piece pad with a heavy-duty peel and stick adhesive.

Hawaiian Hot Grip is a unique, one-piece, see through traction pad that grips extremely well, yet it will not irritate the skin.  The clear Nose Guard material allows you to see the board and all its design while giving you an uncompromised comfortable grip.


The traction was designed using state of the art Auto-CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, helping create a streamlined and technical look that greatly enhances the appearance of the surfboard.  Finally, a traction pad that looks like it is part of the board!

  • The “Air Chamber” technology creates mini air cushions in the traction, allowing the Hot Grip to conform to the surfer’s foot.
  • The Hawaiian Hot Grip is ergonomically designed so the foot fits comfortably on the pad.
  • The surface of the grip has a unique texture for maximum traction in the water.
  • The traction is designed with flow channels that direct water toward the back of the board reducing drag.
  • The channels also allow the toes to fit and grip onto the traction with great ease.
  • The perimeter edges of the pad are smooth and beveled for a cleaner look on the board and with no irritation to the knees.
  • With a heavy duty peel and stick adhesive and the use of a special primer, the application of the one-piece Hawaiian Hot Grip is quick, easy, and permanent.

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