Cabrinha Wing Foil Package Deal (2021 Mantis, Code Foil Board, Slingshot FPump Foil)

Cabrinha Wing Foil Package Deal (2021 Mantis, Code Foil Board, Slingshot FPump Foil)

Whats Included?

  • 2021 Cabrinha Code Foil Board (Choose your size)
  • 2021 Cabrinha Mantis 6.2m
  • Slingshot Hover Glide FPump V1 100cm

Options are included to add on a Ride Engine Waist Leash and Pump!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Grab this price friendly wing package perfect for the average size rider in light to moderate winds!



Sizes: 4’8″ x 23″ x 4.1″ x 58L / 4’10” x 24″ x 4.4″ x 68L / 5’0″ x 25″ x 4.5″ x 78L / 5’2″ x 26.2″ x 4.6″ x 88L / 5′ 4″ x 27″ x 4.7″ x 92L / 5’8″ x 29.5″ x 5″ x 118L

The fresh new CODE board nods to the fast developing sport of Wingsurfing.
The Code builds off the successful Macro design offering an incredibly fast lifting maneuverable platform to get you up and riding in a flash. Premium materials make for an exceptionally lightweight & durable board that allows direct control from rider through to the foil.
From first starts through to aerial freestyle and wave riding, the Code has been designed with the future of Wingsurfing at the forefront.
DESIGN PROFILE Foil specific board with focus on maneuverability and easy launch.


    • Full premium EVA deck pad
    • Carbon Stringer
    • Short compact design
    • Nose keel to flat section
    • Concave Deck. Positive board control when strapless
    • Kick tail with release channels for earlier flight and easy pumping
    • EPS Core, Light Weight & Buoyant
    • Durable Bamboo composite construction
    • 3 or 2 strap insert configuration
    • 12 inch adjustable foil mount


The Sport The sport of Wingsurfing has continued to grow and its boundaries are constantly expanding. As the sport progresses we are finding more and more methods to harness the wind power, from downwind runs and wave riding, through to flat water light wind cruising and freestyle. It’s clear that the product offering has needed to grow to help reach these varying aspects and give people the right tools for their trade. This year we are proud to introduce the Mantis to our current Crosswing X2 series. With a nod towards lightweight handling needed for surfing and down winding, the Mantis also comes in an expanded range of sizing as well as in a window option to provide more visibility in those crowded areas. The excitement of this fast evolving sport is unprecedented and we are proud to be at the forefront of this with the most up to date designs on the market. DESIGN PROFILE Leading Edge Inflatable Dihedral with a medium aspect ratio outline, rigid frame and lightweight design There are a million new ways to fly. And the all new Mantis from Cabrinha is our most versatile way to take flight. The Mantis is a streamlined, light weight but extremely rigid hand held wing that will power up any foilboard, surfboard, skate or snowboard. It has a simple inflated frame and single strut to keep things light and tight. The Mantis is ideal for surfing. While fully depowered it will fly perfectly wherever you place it, or you can steer it through your turns with our unique front handle. Generous, and strategically placed windows keep your range of visibility clear so you can focus on the task at hand. But what makes the Mantis an absolute joy to fly is its tightly controlled frame. It’s stiffness allows you to power right through the gusts or take to the air. Any way you want to fly it, the Mantis will deliver performance and predictability in an incredibly simple to use wing. FEATURES & BENEFITS • High Center-LE diameter and progressive taper, for improved stiffness & canopy tension with upwind efficiency • Controllable power in a wide range of wind conditions • HD large diameter closing seam construction • Balanced dihedral for power-to-stability ratio • High rigidity single strut for low weight and predictable depower • Nano Tech Ripstop • High Tenacity Dacron LE • Sprint Inflation Valve • Extremely safe operation • Kevlar wingtip reinforcement • Safety wrist leash included Product Code: K1KWMANTS

Slingshot Hover Glide Fpump V1

Package Includes Quantum 100 Wing, 71cm Mast, 42cm Rear Stabilizer, Shift Fuselage, Hardware, Shim, Neoprene Wing Covers, Custom Travel Case The Details Pump/Wake/Wing The FPump V1 was developed out of our fascination of 100% natural self-propelled flight. Anyone who has ever owned a foil has tried, yet there are only a rare few that have mastered the art of flat-water pumping without any external power sources. With years of experience (and countless bloopers in the learning process) we’ve developed the ultimate wing profile and mast height combination to save you all the trouble. The FPump V1 foil delivers massive amounts of lift that will have you pumping effortlessly across the water, riding the smallest of waves imaginable, foiling on the lightest wind days possible, and looking like an all-around hero at your next dock or beachside BBQ. WHY WE MADE IT We made the FPump V1 foil package to unlock the power of flat-water pumping and lowspeed flight for all. WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT The FPump V1 foil unlocks the mysterious self-propelled flat-water foiling possibilities. It glides at the slowest of speeds and requires minimal amounts of energy from pumping to maintain flight. 1. Carbon Composite Wing Construction Stronger and more efficient. This construction benefits you on and off the water. 2. Quantum 100 Wing Constructed using carbon composites, this high-aspect profile and XL wingspan is the ticket to unlocking your flatwater pumping abilities. 3. New Quick Connect Pedestal Base A lighter and even more versatile mounting system. Enjoy the ability to move your Hover Glide fore and aft on your board by using the quick dual-mounting options on our redesigned pedestal. 4. 71cm Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Mast A high-performance, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy mast thats been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength. 5. 42cm Rear Stabilizer Wing 42 cm Rear Stabilizer Wing for Slingshot Hover Glide Foils. 6. Neoprene Wing Covers and Travel Case Whether you are simply heading to the beach or heading around the world, protect your foil with this travel bag and durable neoprene wing covers.

Additional information

Code Board Size

5'0 (78L), 5'2 (88L), 5'4 (92L), 5'8 (118L)


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