Armstrong 95cm V1 (37.5″) Carbon Mast w/ Plate

Armstrong 95cm/37.5" Mast

Mast weight: 1490g
Includes aluminum 4-bolt Plate connection.

The unique quad c beam core layup delivers a mast with smooth consistent reactive flex, generating sweet handling response and better stability by smoothing out bumps and flexing precisely to drive you through turns.

Mast Length Guide

Choosing the right length mast is important depending on your ability and intended use.

  • 72cm /28.5”. The go to Foil Surf mast. Also learning, Wake, SUP, Kite
  • 85cm /33.5”: Intermediate/Advanced. SUP, Downwind, Kite, Wake, and tow in Surfing.
  • 95cm /37": Intermediate/Advanced/Expert. Kite and Tow in Surfing.

Mast construction details

  • Our unique mast construction was developed in conjunction with composite experts who worked on Team New Zealand America’s Cup foils.
  • The quad C beam mast core delivers ‘dynamic reactive flex’ that equates to better strength, stability and control without compromising weight.
  • The mast layup is futuristic: at the heart is a multi piece hard wood core that gets wrapped with carbon that has optimized fiber orientation to maximize the potential of the materials. It is then carefully wrapped with bulletproof Aramid fiber and finally a Carbon cloth outer shell ensuring a part that is robust and will last.



Armstrong Foils

Looking for an Armstrong foil, mast, foilboard, complete foil, or fuselage?

Armstrong foils are known for their impeccable workmanship, surf, kite, tow stability and have been developed for you the rider who will not accept any substitute. Armstrong masts are renowned for their strength and light-weight design.

Using full carbon foil technology combined with precision, Armstrong is becoming a market leader in the Wing, SUP, Kite, Surf, Tow, and Wake world.  We carry Armstrong’s full line of foils.

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  • CF1600
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  • CF2400 v2

See our full line below.

Armstrong Foil chart – Which Wing and Mast?

DisciplineRider weight
Under 70kg (150lbs)70 – 89kg (150-197lbs)90kg+ (198lbs+)
Surf – Small wavesCF1200 wing, 72cm mast, SKT3’11” boardCF1200 wing, 72cm mast, SKT4’5.5″ boardCF 1200 – 1600 wing, 72cm mast, STW 4’11” board
Surf – Large wavesCF800 – 1200 wing, 72cm mast, SKT 3’11” boardCF1200 wing, 72cm mast, SKT 4’5.5″ boardCF1200 wing, 72cm mast, SKT 4’5.5″ board
SUP – Small wavesCF1200 wing, 72cm mastCF1600 wing, 72cm mastCF1600 – 2400 wing, 72cm mast
SUP – Large wavesCF800 wing, 72cm mastCF1200 wing, 85cm mastCF1200 – CF1600 wing, 85cm mast
Downwind SUP or SurfCF1200 – CF1600 wing, 72cm – 85cm mastCF1600 – CF2400 wing, 72cm – 85cm mastCF2400 wing, 85cm mast
KitingCF800 wing, 85cm – 95cm mast, SKT3’11” boardCF800 wing, 85cm – 95cm mast, SKT 4’5.5″ boardCF800 wing, 85cm – 95cm mast, SKT 4’5.5″ board
Wake surfingCF1200 wing, 72cm mastCF1200 – CF1600 wing, 72cm – 85cm mastCF1600 – CF2400 wing, 72cm – 85cm mast
TowCF800 wing, 85cm mast, SKT3’11” boardCF800 wing, 85cm – 95cm mast, SKT4’5.5″ boardCF800 wing, 85cm – 95cm mast, STW 4’11” board
WindsurfingCF1200 wing, 85cm mastCF1200 wing, 85cm mastCF1200 – 1600 wing, 85cm – 95cm mast