Armstrong 85cm Tuttle Mast V2

Armstrong 85cm Tuttle Mast V2

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Intermediate to advanced all foil sports.
Includes Mast cover and tuttle mounting screws.

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Mast weight: 1290g
Available with Tuttle or plate fitting.

Tuttle box has 3 hole options as pictured. Right now the 85cm Tuttle Mast is only size mast being made with the Tuttle option by Armstrong. Great for windfoiling (windsurf foiling) or wingfoiling.

Armstrong's new V2 fully tapered one-piece masts are ultra solid at the top and slick through the water down below. The unique quad c beam core layup delivers a mast with smooth consistent reactive flex, generating sweet handling response and better stability by smoothing out bumps and flexing precisely to drive you through turns.

The V2 masts also features bombproof zero corrosion Bi Directional Titanium Washer and Titanium T Nut system, which creates a rock solid connection between mast and board.

The V2 mast construction and shape combine to make a mast that will deliver predictably every time.

Mast Length Guide

Choosing the right length mast is important depending on your ability and intended use.

  • 72cm /28.5”. The go to Foil Surf mast. Also learning, Wake, SUP, Kite
  • 85cm /33.5”: Intermediate/Advanced. SUP, Downwind, Kite, Wake, and tow in Surfing.
  • 95cm /37": Intermediate/Advanced/Expert. Kite and Tow in Surfing.


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