2023 Slingshot Freestyle V3

2023 Slingshot Freestyle V3

Freestyle / Wave / Center Stance

Includes: Freestyle V2 Board, (Foil Track Hardware not included)

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Why They Made It

Slingshot's team demanded a board designed for the latest freestyle foil tricks that also delivered control over both rails for carving swell and riding waves.

Why You Will Love It

  • A compact shape that packs a ton of volume for its size
  • Inboard and outboard foot strap inserts
  • Inset bottom carry handle for getting in and out of the water with ease and style
  • Extended foil tracks continue out the back of the tail, allowing for easy foil connect/ disconnect

How Is It Different From Previous Versions?

  • Out-the-back extended foil tracks
  • Inset bottom carry handle


  • EXTENDED FOIL TRACKS: Tracks continue out the back of the tail to provide an astoundingly easy foil connect/disconnect
  • INSET BOTTOM HANDLE: Allows you to carry your board and foil in one hand, leaving your other hand free to take care of your wing
  • THREE OR FOUR - STRAP OPTIONS: Strap it up to suit your style—whether you demand inboard straps for wave riding and radical maneuvers or outboard straps for insane reaching ability
  • TAIL AND RAIL CUTOUTS: Allow for early planing release when you are trying to break free of the water and onto the foil
  • DECKPAD: The Cushy EVA foam deckpad covers the whole tail of the board so no matter where your Hula dance takes you, your feet will be feeling fine
  • BIAX CARBON LAYUP: Light, stiff and strong our Biax Carbon Layup starts with an ultra light EPS foam core wrapped with higher density PVC foam and then covered top and bottom with Biax Carbon.
  • A PVC Carbon stringer runs down the middle of the board and is paired with glass-wrapped T-Stringers to either side, which provides I-beam



87L, 115L