2023 North Comp Dynalite

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2023 North Comp Dynalite

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Strapless Freestyle

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The Comp Dynalite is engineered for a single purpose: strapless freestyle performance. Faster feedback. Explosive pop. Ultra-thin, durable, and responsive, the Comp has a refined low-volume shape to help you execute the most impressive freestyle tricks in every condition. Compact in size and easily grabbable, it will stay with you through every manoeuvre. Edge harder. Jump higher. Land cleaner. Its fast-release tail channels aid grip and add control. The full-length longitudinal bottom channel with centreline-V and smooth, progressive rocker combine to reduce bounce on hard, fast landings. Push beyond your limits with the Comp. When we tell ourselves we can, that’s when we’re truly free. Item Includes: Board with EVA Deckpad, Leash Attachment Loop. Fins sold separately.


  • New Dynalite Technology
  • New lightweight low-volume shape
  • New full-length bottom channel
  • New quad tail channels
  • New deeper recessed deck shape
  • New fin angle adjustments
  • Micro-corduroy deckpad
  • Compact directional outline
  • Smooth progressive rocker line
  • Bevelled rails and sharp release tail
  • FCSII premium fin box
  • Recommended North Hexcel Coremat Fins


  • Dynalite Carbon Reinforced Laminate Layup

DynaLite Technology

High-performance DynaLite construction with carbon-reinforced laminate layup delivers lightweight strength and stiffness for faster feedback and more explosive pop. Biaxial Glass layers provide torsional strength, while stepped layers of unidirectional carbon reinforcement tape in specific high-stress rail areas dial in the global longitudinal flex of the board.  

Lightweight low-volume shape

Durable low-volume, high-density PVC core design for faster feedback and more direct rider response. Its thin profile and lighter weight makes handling in the air so much easier. It also makes the board less buoyant on the water, which means softer landings that are easier on your body, because there is less counter-force on landings. 

Full-length bottom channel

A longitudinal bottom channel with centreline-V runs from nose to tail. This reduces bounce on hard, fast touchdowns, softening your landing and making it easier to stick even the craziest tricks. 

Quad tail channels

Pronounced quad channels towards the tail of the board provide maximum traction and control when launching freestyle tricks. We’ve reduced the thickness of the tail, giving it more concave for speed and pop. 

Deeper recessed deck shape

The recessed deck positions the rider’s feet slightly below the rail, enhancing control and adding another dimension for handling in the air. Standing inside the board is hydrostatically more stable, and combines with the V-Spine and low-volume design to help you stick your landings in any condition. 

Smooth, tight turns

Finely tuned fin positions deliver more speed, more drive, more responsiveness and smoother, tighter turning. The lightweight premium FCSII fin box allows for 9-degree rake. Compatible with both FCSI-style and click-in keyless FCSII fins.

Micro-corduroy deckpad

The one-piece micro-corduroy deckpad with toe bump and rear tail kicker maximises traction and control when powered up. 

Compact directional outline

The board is minimal in size with a parallel directional outline and narrow, sharp rails to allow for speed and edge control in a range of conditions. Pulled in slightly at the nose for increased top-end performance, with a wide but lower volume tail, so you can dig in the rear rail for greater pop. 

Smooth progressive rocker line

The rocker is smoothed into a clean curve nose to tail, helping the board to stick to your feet during strapless tricks. Its scooped nose eats through the chop and lets you stick any landing – even tail-forward.  

Bevelled rails and sharp release tail

Sharp, bevelled rails and fast-release edges on the tail allow water to shed quickly and the board to release faster. The bevelled rail profile reduces the suction effect of a round rail so water can shed off the rail and not wrap onto the deck.  

Recommended Hexcel Coremat Fins

Lightweight and durable fibreglass thruster surf fins for smooth control and traction. The custom fin base shape does not require FCSII infills. Fins are sold separately. 

Honeycomb mesh packaging

We’ve removed all plastic from our surfboard packaging, replacing it with a unique cushioning material that mimics honeycomb. Strategically cut to allow the card to stretch into many different hexagons, this flexible material creates a lightweight protective layer of ‘honeycomb’ mesh. The mesh behaves like a spring to absorb impact and protect the board from abrasion.

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4'10, 5'0, 5'2


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