2020 North Comp

2020 North Comp


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North Comp

Progressing strapless movement is at the heart of this dedicated freestyle performer's DNA. A fast and responsive ride that blends the line between surf-style carving and skate-style strapless riding, the Comp is designed to stick with you through manoeuvres and to pop on demand. Compact in size and very grabbable, the Comp has outstanding speed and edge control in a range of conditions, with a unique three-stage wakestyle rocker that combines speed with aggressive pop, and adds forgiveness for easy tail first or off-axis landings. The contoured double concave deck with toe bump and rear wedge kick maximises traction and control when powered up, allowing you to take to the air without straps. Push your limits with the Comp, your competitive edge.


Compact directional parallel outline

Allows for speed and edge control in a range of conditions.

Minimal in size

Wider low volume tailUnique 3-stage wakestyle rocker
Bevelled release rails
Double concave deck contours
Grabbable rail profile
5.0inch   5.2inch   5.4inch

Board, North Hexcel Coremat Finset, FCSII Infill Kit


5'0, 5'2, 5'4



North Kiteboarding draws deep roots from North Sailing. The new North is not to be confused with Duotone who used to be branded as North.