2019 Nobile NHP Twintip Kiteboard

2019 Nobile NHP Twintip Kiteboard



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2019 Nobile NHP

34x41 | 138x43 | 142x45


The Hydrodynamic Rocker Line and Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape give the rider full control in any given conditions. A longer back-side edge means better upwind performance, while a shorter toe-side edge gives maneuverability which is useful for freestyle tricks. A larger rocker enables easier cutting and better performance in rough waters. Our perfectly designed X-Reactive Flex combined with the rocker translates into a seriously comfortable ride that forgives mistakes.

There’s a low-wind version of this model in the NHP size range, with a construction based on Elliptical Concave and Flat Hydrodynamic Rocker solutions, and then modified to keep the NHP properties in a bigger size.


138, 142