Nobile Zen Freeride G10 Foil and Checkmate Skim Package

Nobile Zen Freeride G10 Foil and Checkmate Skim Package

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Nobile Checkmate Skim FoilBoard

2020 Zen Freeride G10 Foil

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Complete foil Package- Checkmate board and Zen Foil G10

Nobile Zen Foil Allround Skim Checkmate

The Nobile Skim (Checkmate) Foil is easy to maneuver, lightweight, and stiff. It's an ideal entry level board for foiling. The top of the board is covered with EVA foam for comfort and traction. The thin core allows for responsive steering and the channels on the base of the board improve stability during wave riding. Board can be used without foil as well for kitesurfing. Includes fins.

SIZE (cm): 146 x 46.5

What’s new:
• CAP construction
• New size: 146x46.5

Key features
  • easy to ride and maneuverable
  • properties typical for carbon products
  • high safety level
  • solid and stiff construction
  • steering precision
  • fully anti-corrosion seal makes the construction immune to unfavorable conditions, such as salt water.
Main features

• Foil board with freeride capabilities
• Easy hydrofoil
• Durable construction
• Skatey feeling
• Good for light-wind conditions
• CAP Construction

Flex (1-10): 9
Rocker line: Directional
Bottom construction: Flat

2020 Nobile Zen Freeride Foil G10


When designing our wings, we set ourselves the important goal that they should be stable, but at the same time be fast, light, durable and easy to maneuver too. With this goal in mind, we found ourselves inspired by the wings of the mesmerizing Humming-bird… The course of nature is rarely wrong. These little birds have behind them tens of thousands of years of evolution that have gradually allowed them to achieve their astonishing flight parameters, flying at speeds of up to 120km per hour, with an ability to hover in one place, and move sideways and backwards in flight. What better inspiration for our R&D department, who were inspired by the exquisite natural design of the hummingbird’s wings, creating two separate hydrofoil wing lines: a standard foil with durable G10 material, and a Carbon foil with curved ends.