2016 Slingshot Misfit B Grade Kiteboard

2016 Slingshot Misfit B Grade Kiteboard

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Flat rocker line for killer upwind performance.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 4 × 17 in

Includes Board, Handle & 2.0 SS Twin Tip Fins

What is B Grade  It just means that the board has a minor (usually unidentifiable) cosmetic blemish.


The 2016 Misfit is Slingshot’s goTo mid range board for a wide variety of freeride and freestyle specialists. The flat rocker line helps you haul butt upwind. Specially cut channels on the bottom of the Misfit help pull water from the center of the board toward the tips to generate more grip and consistency when loading for tricks. The wood construction is absolutely bomb proof but this is not new for SS boards. They are always long lasting companions. All SS boards are functional as they are nice to look at. New graphics for 2016 Sport the overlay wood grain look complimented with burst of color and honeycomb detail on the sides. A beautiful art piece for the riders who focus on ease and style in straps.