2016 Nobile XTR Tool-less Kiteboard

2016 Nobile XTR Tool-less Kiteboard

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This board is great for those lighter days without having to grab a huge “door”. You can still play and have fun with but it gives the surface area needed. Also great for larger riders. The whole board can assembled and disassembled without any tools! Comes complete with fins, handle and pads/straps.

Style: freeride, freestyle

* super pop
* maximum comfort
* big surface providing exceptional planing and manoeuvrability

FLEX (1-10): 7
ROCKER LINE: Flat Hydrodynamic

The XTR is an especially designed board for flair freestylers looking for a board to ride in low-wind conditions. The board is also perfect for bigger riders too, and keeps the exceptional NHP features in a light-wind version to ensure that the XTR is dynamic and performance is not compromised.

* Asymmetric outline ensures great upwind and carving performance while riding switch
* Elliptical concave allows you to plane quickly and ride smoothly
* XTR is built out of the best materials available, to serve you for many years.
* The honeycomb used in the construction removes some of the weight and adds energy during the pop



Location: Torres Detroit and Banks Islands (Australia). Design: The graphics represent the Banks Islands. Together with Torres Islands on the north-west they constitute one of the northernmost archipelago of Pacific islands.


  • Elliptical Progressive Concave
  • CAV - Complete Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape
  • AirLight Core
  • X-Reactive Flex System
  • Honeycomb
  • Woodcore
  • Triax
  • Glossy Lacquer