2015 Slingshot Widow Maker Kiteboard

2015 Slingshot Widow Maker Kiteboard


The ELITE twin-tip.

Out of stock

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 58 × 17 in

Includes Window Maker Board, Matching SS handle & SS 2.0 Fins.

These boards were labeled B Grade This means that there is an extremely minor blemish in the graphic somewhere on the board. In no way will this effect performance and is usually very difficult to find. For details on a specific item, call or email us.


The Widow Maker is for the rider who wants only the top of the line materials and engineering in their kiteboard. This twin-tip is defined by its carbon shell that cuts weight and looks like something Bruce Wayne would ride. NACA channels on the bottom improve board feel and acceleration on the water. Light weight and shaped for performance, the Widow Maker will give you an evil grin while riding.