2016 Dakine Chameleon Hybrid Waist/Seat Harness XXS

2016 Dakine Chameleon Hybrid Waist/Seat Harness XXS

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2016 Dakine Chameleon Harness

The Chameleon harness is known for being a versatile go between for seat harness and waist harness users.


The 2015 Chameleon Seat harness is equipped to be used as a waist harness or a seat harness. If you would like to use the seat piece just velcro attach the top of the saddle to the base of the waist harness. If you don't want the saddle portion, simply detach and use like a typical waist harness. The design of the chameleon is simple and effective. There are harnesses in our store that offer more padding but few are as simple and light as the chameleon. Dakine reinforces this harness with the same materials used in more expensive models. This is the beginner's ideal!

  • Power Clip Lock Buckle System
  • Removable seat harness attachment
  • Hammerhead spreader bar
  • Freedom shape spreader bar pad
  • Dual blade hook knife
  • Pre-Curved P.E.B. inner support structure
  • Featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad
  • Integrated handle and leash attachment
  • Left or right side leash attachment ring
  • Single overlap power belt
  • Maniac spreader bar compatible
  • Leverlock spreader bar compatible

XXS= 26-28" [ 66-71cm ] SB = 8" [20cm ]
XS= 28-30" [ 71-76cm ] SB = 8" [ 20cm ]
S= 30-32" [ 76-81cm ] SB = 10" [ 25cm ]
M= 32-34" [ 81-86cm ] SB = 10" [ 30cm ]
L= 34-36" [ 86-91cm ] SB = 10" [ 30cm ]
XL= 36-38" [ 91-96cm ] SB = 12" [ 35cm ]

Includes The 2016 Chameleon Harness complete with seat attachment. Also includes Spreader bar Pad and Spreader Bar hook.

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 20 × 12 in



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