Liquid Force SOLO Ultimate Lightwind Package

Liquid Force SOLO Ultimate Lightwind Package


Want to have fun? Need a lightwind setup that is easy and interchangeable? Look no further!

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 587 × 9 × 18 in

The package includes The SOLO kite, 2014 CPR Bar 55cm, Overdrive Twin-Tip,  Fusion Straps L/XL, Handle and Fins!

The SOLO Kite

You will be pleasanly surprised at how much raw low end power you will get per square meter of this kite. On the water, the SOLO feels grunty and determined. Turns have the trademark Liquid Force “J” shape to them. Sturdy bar pressure lets you know where the kite is at all times. You might find that this kite has the same power on tap as the rally, with even better low end. The SOLO Kite by Liquid Force is making a big hit in the kite community. We have been flying it as our go to HydroFoil kite due to its ability to stay in the sky with low winds. If you are looking for something that has excellent High-End power, then this is probably not the best option and you will want  an Envy, RPM or Rally. At high wind speeds, the lack of structure from having no struts shows. That said, the kite is has an innovative design and sets the trend for strutless kites.

Here is what Liquid Force has to say…

The design team started by working intensively on numerous Strut-less kite designs which took several months of testing and countless prototypes. These kites proved to be extremely lightweight with a great amount of raw power and possessed a very direct feel. Although these results proved to be successful there appeared multiple compromises in the performance that over shadowed the benefits of the Strut-less kite design that we were simply not willing to accept.

The SOLO evolved through multiple iterations from half struts to battens that eventually led to a very thin, low profile center strut. Our dream that became a vision is now a reality called the SOLO, An ultra light weight, single strut design that offers unparallel efficiency, stability and wind range of any kite on the market today with the added benefit of pack ability for travel. We are excited to introduce the SOLO, an all terrain kite that can be summed up in 3 words: simple, powerful, fun

Solo Wind Range

Based on a 175lb (79kg) person riding a standard twintip kiteboard.

What we think: This board is great for anyone that is in the beginner to intermediate phase. It has a nice wide profile making it great for easy planing. It has the perfect amount of rocker to assure great upwind performance. The extra width of the OVERdrive makes it an excellent board for light wind and larger riders. Super durable construction.
Light Wind Freedom
  • A. Minimal Rocker
  • B. Mid Flex
  • C. Full Wood Core

New to the board lineup, the Over Drive brings high-end freestyle performance to the light- wind arena.

Overdrive action

Over Drive Sizes

142 X 45 / 148 X 45.5 CM

Full Description

New to our board lineup, the Over Drive brings high-end freestyle performance to the light- wind arena. Featuring a non-offset stance, minimal rocker, a hearty width, mid flex, and a profiled wood-core with flat bottom, the Over Drive offers early and efficient planing, exceptional upwind capability, powerful pop, and a smooth, predictable feel.

Fusion Pads & Straps Included

The Fusion footpad and strap setup delivers world-class comfort, ultimate performance, and effortless ease of use.

Check the Specs
Wood Core Construction

Delivers responsive performance, in a strong, lightweight design.Overdrive liquid force construction


  1. Printed matte nylon or sublimated top sheet, for vibrant, lightweight graphics and M6 three-pack inserts for precise width and stance angles.
  2. Biax longitudinal reinforcement strips for ultra durability and flex integrity.
  3. Biax/triax glass (full layers on both sides of the core) for torsional rigidity and even flex.
  4. CNC’d wood core for a lively and energetic feel with the best strength-to-weight ratio.
  5. Liquid Force’s exclusive Liquid Rail for impact durability.
  6. Printed matte nylon or sublimated base.