Liquid Force SOLO 12m Kite Only

Liquid Force SOLO 12m Kite Only


This SOLO is for the rider looking to pump up quick and stay out long. The limited design of the solo lends to lightwind kiting. With one strut and a decreased Leading Edge diameter, this kite saves on weight.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 18 in

This kite is in good condition. Canopy is in good shape. Strurts and LE hold air fine. No Pinholes. The canopy has one repair spot where tiny pinholes were beginning to occur. Nothing major!

ADD THE 2013 CPR Control Bar to make it complete.

The design team started by working intensively on numerous Strut-less kite designs which took several months of testing and countless prototypes. These kites proved to be extremely lightweight with a great amount of raw power and possessed a very direct feel. Although these results proved to be successful there appeared multiple compromises in the performance that over shadowed the benefits of the Strut-less kite design that we were simply not willing to accept.

The SOLO evolved through multiple iterations from half struts to battens that eventually led to a very thin, low profile center strut. Our dream that became a vision is now a reality called the SOLO, An ultra light weight, single strut design that offers unparallel efficiency, stability and wind range of any kite on the market today with the added benefit of pack ability for travel. We are excited to introduce the SOLO, an all terrain kite that can be summed up in 3 words: simple, powerful, fun