2014 Cabrinha Vector, Axis Patrol and Chameleon Package

2014 Cabrinha Vector, Axis Patrol and Chameleon Package


We’ve got the perfect set up for you to maximize your potential on the water. Don’t go for lame two-year old package deals on poor quality kites. Step into the 2014 Vector Kite and 2013 Axis Board at killer pricing. It’s going to be windy. Soar into the next level with this “push to play” package. We decided to throw in the 2014 Dakine Chameleon Harness in there as well!

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Here is what we think about the Vector and the Axis

The Vector is designed as Cabrinha’s low price point kite. Don’t get us wrong, low price point does not mean low quality by any means. We have tested both the kite and board together and they make a stellar combo. It is just fun to ride them. The Axis is very forgiving with a flexy feel in chop. To me, this is not an extremely high performance board but that is the point. It is designed as an all-arounder with a smooth feel. The same thing goes for the Vector. The kite is quick and responsive enough. Like all Cabrinha’s it is very smooth and predictable. Forget about the kite and feel it in your hands. Light bar pressure is a staple on this one (great for the first-timer). 1x overdrive allows on the fly editing for kite responsiveness. If you hate getting punched around in chop and getting sore knees but don’t want to sacrifice your jumps and rolls,  then this board does the trick. Two words come to mind for this combo. FUN. EASY!

Here are some stats on the Vector

Sizes:  3.5m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 12m, 14m

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Here are some stats on the Axis…


The 2013 AXIS Patrol is designed for extending your sailing hours. It has great bottom end power but is still agile enough to freestyle on.
It is a lightwind performer that you can really have fun on, rather than just a light wind board, that just goes back and forth and is too big and heavy to freestyle.
The AXIS Patrol borrows the attributes and construction of the AXIS Vanguard. The board is controlled with specific carbon reinforcements that run heel-side, across the top and bottom of the rail, on a unique shape, that control the flex to give solid tracking and great pop. This is what we call Logical Flex.
The base features a center spine with a quad concave. The concaves are concentrated towards the rails so that they form channels to provide solid tracking and smooth landings. The AXIS Patrol is supplied with 4 x 50mm brightly coloured solid G10 fins (Premium G10) which are secured by 8 x high quality screws thru from the deck.
We supply the board complete with the AXIS fin retainers to spread the load from the screws to the deck area. The 2013 AXIS Patrol is also supplied with the AXIS U.T.S. pads/straps nicely packed in their own pouch, including all accessories needed.
The AXIS screw driver is also included in the pouch. Everything you will need to get up and going is there.


The 2013 AXIS Patrol shares the same technology as the AXIS Vanguard.
The Patrol has a durable Coax PBT foil top and bottom sheet, which is digitally sublimated. This gives a finish that is hard to scratch, with bright colours, which will keep its good looks for a longtime.
The rails are made from a bright AXIS-382 coloured PU material for the highest visibility. PU is a poured material and makes a seamless edge that bonds very well with the heat cured epoxy resin.
The core is strip planked Paulownia wood core. We have been using Paulownia for years because it is light and strong but also because it is a very fast growing timber and one of the most sustainable timbers that you could have for a core.
The laminate is Biaxial fibreglass with Uni carbon reinforcing. The combination of the glass and carbon provides a very durable board with great controlled flex for excellent pop.
The AXIS Patrol features Uni Carbon on both the top and bottom of the board. This way you get the maximum effect from the carbon, enhancing the board’s performance.

2014 Dakine Chameleon



  • Power Clip Lock Buckle System
  • Removable seat harness attachment
  • Stainless steel spreader bar
  • Freedom shape spreader bar pad
  • Dual blade hook knife
  • Pre-Curved P.E.B. inner support structure
  • Featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad
  • Removable handle and leash attachment
  • Single overlap power belt
  • Dual sport design
  • Maniac spreader bar compatible
  • Leverlock spreader bar compatible


XXS= 26-28″ [ 66-71cm ] SB = 8″ [20cm ]
XS= 28-30″ [ 71-76cm ] SB = 8″ [ 20cm ]
S= 30-32″ [ 76-81cm ] SB = 10″ [ 25cm ]
M= 32-34″ [ 81-86cm ] SB = 10″ [ 30cm ]
L= 34-36″ [ 86-91cm ] SB = 10″ [ 30cm ]
XL= 36-38″ [ 91-96cm ] SB = 12″ [ 35cm ]


Marine Grade Vinyl