2014 Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard

2014 Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard


2014 Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard,  Add LF Pads/Straps or Vantage Boots

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Edge Sizes

136 X 42.5 / 146 X 45 CM

Full Description

Built for rapid progression, the Edge is one of our most unique, easy-to-ride boards. Engineered to make board control as easy as can be, the Edge features asymmetrical bottom contours, including a turned-up toeside to minimize edge catch, and a long, single concave set towards the sharp heelside edge, for effortless heelside bite.

Fusion Pads & Straps Option

The Fusion footpad and strap setup delivers world-class comfort, ultimate performance, and effortless ease of use.

Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard cheap

Check the Specs

Compression-Molded Construction

Delivering bomb-proof construction and direct rider feel that’s perfect for progression.

Liquid Force Edge Construction

  1. Sublimated top sheet, for vibrant durable graphics and M6 three-pack inserts for precise width and stance angles.
  2. Biax longitudinal reinforcement strips for ultra durability and flex integrity.
  3. Two full layers of biax glass (above and below core) for torsional strength and rigidity.
  4. PU-injected core for a reduced-weight durable board.
  5. Sublimated bottom sheet.