2013 Cabrinha Crossbow (xbow) LW complete

2013 Cabrinha Crossbow (xbow) LW complete


Brand NEW 2013 Cabrinha Crossbow LW Kite Complete

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 Complete Kite with bar/lines and bag

The Crossbow, now in its 7th edition is the most efficient kite in Cabrinha’s range. Its improved light wind performance can be attributed in part to its new lighter weight design. They’ve reduced the number of struts and have distributed the Dacron sparingly and more efficiently. Thus earning its new designation as the Crossbow LW (Light Weight). The Crossbow’s bow kite design is another factor in providing a wide wind range and light wind performance. The bow kite design allows the production of a high aspect kite with a flatter arc which delivers more power per square meter than a non bow kite. This power is easily controlled by our trademark Depower on Demand. This allows the rider to precisely control the power of the kite. Whether you are serious about racing or serious about having as much fun as possible in extremely light winds, the Crossbow LW delivers.

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  • Light Weight 5 strut design
  • Amazing lift and hangtime
  • Excellent upwind ability
  • Largest wind range
  • Variable tuning options
  • Quicklink IDS equipped
  • Sprint

NEW FOR 2013

  • Airlock valve has a new coaxial hose attachment that allows you to directly attach the hose to the valve with only a quarter turn
  • Sprint Clamps have been improved for a more positive closure
  • The size and weight of the stainless steel bridle guides have been reduced
  • Line Manager allows each time you wind your lines onto the control bar you can attach the ends of the lines to the line manager in sequence.


Size Bar (cm)
18 65
16 65
13 55
11 55
9 48


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