2013 Axis Inferno Kiteboard

2013 Axis Inferno Kiteboard


The 2013 AXIS Inferno has a curvy outline and a softer forgiving flex. The ride is smooth and easy, perfect for a learner rider to progress quickly on. The board has sufficient rocker to give a safe ride while still achieving early planing ability. The 152 size is perfect in a lighter wind situation or a school board, to get first time riders up easily and quickly.

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The Axis Inferno 152×46 features a durable P-Tex base. P-Tex is the material used on the base of skis and snowboards, the graphics are back printed on the P-Tex so you have a full thickness of the base material between the graphics and the surface. The topsheet is a tough embossed finish PBT with bright sublimated graphics. With its special texture and strength, the top of the Inferno boards is very durable, and will take more scratches and daily abuse on the beach or in the trunk. The rails are made from AXIS 382C brightly coloured PU material. PU is a poured material and makes a seamless edge that bonds very well with the heat cured epoxy resin. The core of each AXIS Inferno board is solid Paulownia wood core, This material is light and strong. We have selected Paulownia as it is a very fast growing timber and one of the most sustainable timbers that you could have for a kiteboard core. The 2013 AXIS Inferno is supplied with 4 x 50mm brightly coloured solid Premium G10 fins. The AXIS Inferno fins are secured by 8 x screws thru from the deck. We supply the AXIS Inferno complete with our own fin retainers to spread the load from the screws to the deck area. The bright rail, AXIS UTS footpads/straps, fins and graphics make the board easy to find after a crash. The laminate is 600gsm triaxial fiberglass which provides durability and great damping. Summary: Paulownia wood core, TA14/ABS top sheet, PU Rails, Triax Fiberglass, PE bottom.

All Round riders, Beginner / Intermediate level, looking for an easy riding, forgiving board, that will bring you up and going with minimal effort. Ideal as a school board, or big guy first rider.