Unifoil Progression 800 Mast

Unifoil Progression 800 Mast


The Progression mast is Unifoil’s stiffest mast offering yet!

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What the Pros Say

“My goal in designing the progression mast was to create the ultimate surf mast. Flex is the enemy of response, both in surfing and pumping, so we’ve made the mast a touch thicker at the fuse connection, increasing stiffness. It may be a surprise to hear its a touch thicker than the Katana, and in theory, slower, but in practice the added stiffness is allowing us to fly higher on the mast, longer, reducing the wetted area, and gaining efficiency. This results in a more efficient pump thorough a reduction in drag. While riding a larger wing, or being a heavier rider, the benefits of reducing mast flex is immediately felt in overall control of the foil. The leading edge of the mast is vertical, and the bottom 40% does not taper, so you have an incredibly reliable foil section in the water during turns, creating consistent and confident movement. We’ve found we can push harder through our turns with increased flow. The mast is 800mm, which is my favorite length for prone, tow and downwind. The baseplate has been redesigned completely compared to the Katana. The bolts are set closer which allows for more forwards placement in the tracks. 1.2 inches in mast position is gained. The baseplate is tapered at the mast connection, additionally reducing initial drag on takeoffs or touchdowns. Since riding the Progression 800 mast, it’s all I want to ride now.” — Erik Antonson

“A very noticeable difference in power delivery on the pump, especially riding bigger wings. It gives me a direct power delivery on the pump with less delay in the roll” – Mike Pedigo

“The new progression 800 was designed to pair perfectly with the rest of the progression lineup. It’s the stiffest mast we’ve ever offered and my be the stiffest on the market! This gives you total control over any foil, even the bigger wings that can be a bit unwieldy with a flexing mast. On the smaller wings it allows you to push them harder through every turn and hit angles you previously couldnt hold through.” – Patrick Israel

“After logging a handful of sessions on the Progression 800 mast, two things have really jumped out at me. The first is the added stiffness that results in an even and more direct connected, no delays type of feel. Second, is the added stability through turns, allowing me to focus more on the line that i’m trying to draw and less on simply managing the foil through the arc.” – Jeremy Anderson

“I find the length of the Progression 800 mast is the perfect all rounder’, from prone to SUP, I have clearance and reactivity. The increased stiffness, reliability, and efficiency is a joy; I’m foiling better.” – Brian Finch

Design highlights and features:

  • Vertical leading edge
  • The LE of the mast is straight up, with the trailing edge having all the taper. This allows you to rider the Progression 800 mast about 1.5 inches further back in the boxes with the same feel as the Katana mast.
  • Smaller plate
  • The new plate design takes up less surface area on the board, allowing for more room to move your plate to fit on boards that have smaller boxes
  • Beefed up plate with less drag The plate is also reshaped to be more efficient through the water, and the mast/plate connection is beefed up to be extra stiff
  • The Progression mast is Unifoil’s stiffest mast offering yet!
  • With all riders commenting on it being noticeably stiffer than the katana and able to handle all the force even the biggest wings throw at you.
  • The new shape is .8mm thicker, with bit of added drag, but the stiffness allows for more control in critical sections.

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