Slingshot Dwarfcraft V1 120

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Slingshot Dwarfcraft V1 120

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The all new Dwarf Craft 120 is the largest and most versatile Dwarf Craft in the range. Featuring just enough length and the perfect volume for intermediate rider and plenty of high performance features for the advanced riders, the 120 is the ultimate free ride foil board that you can use no matter your skill level. Boasting an all new state of the art layup, the new Dwarf Craft range is even lighter than its predecessors. The Dwarf Craft 120 is light, nimble and full of advanced features, but retains the size and volume of a user friendly setup, making this the perfect shape to progress on and never outgrow.

NEW Package includes: Board, pedestal mounting hardware

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+ All new lay-up makes the Dwarf Craft 120 one of the lightest foil boards we have ever produced.

+ The best foil-board option for 90% of foilers

+ Adjustable track mount makes mounting all wings and all foils super easy and perfectly balanced

+ Super Soft Corduroy EVA deck pad is the perfect blend of comfort and grip


1. Concave Deck:

Concave provides increased turning sensitivity and response and allows for more dynamic heel-toe performance. Also helps with proper foot placement once you get a feel for the contour of the deck and where the sweet spot is.

2. Adjustable Track Foil Mount:

Allows you to slide your foil forward and aft on your board to fine-tune and balance your setup regardless of your size, ability or foil.

3. Beveled Rails:

Aids in earlier release from the water. Makes a big difference when you’re leaning into a carve or edging hard up wind. Beveled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.

4. Multiple Insert Options:

Ride however you want. With multiple insert options you can ride whatever configuration you like. Whether its 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap, no straps, 2 hooks, 1 hook, or no hooks, you can make the choice.

5. Corduroy EVA Deck Pad:

This full coverage EVA deck pad is the perfect blend of comfort and traction. It’s super soft on your feet yet super gripy, ensuring there are no slips, no slides, and no slices.

6. Nose Leash Plug:

Added for convenience. Whether you are body dragging, swimming in after the wind has died, or trying to relaunch your kite, this new leash plug helps you keep your board next to you when you need it most.


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