Ride Engine Recoil Leash

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Ride Engine Recoil Leash

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Sheek design to keep your board close, but leash out of the way.

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The Ride Engine Recoil leash was made to stay out of your way, allowing you to do all the tricks, jumps, and airs as intended. Security and connection while riding your board are things that you shouldn’t have to worry about. The RE-Recoil Leash has been thoughtfully designed to provide this piece of mind whether you use it on your SUP for surfing, downwind runs or open water paddling, a foil surf leash, or a direct connection for wings used for wing surfing. The leash’s coiled construction keeps it from getting tangled in your feet and its eight-foot extended length keeps your deck close enough to quickly retrieve yet far enough away not to be an impact hazard. Features
  • 7mm cord thickness
  • Coiled cord construction
  • Rotating ankle cuff and rail saver
  • Stainless steel swivels
  • Full neoprene, Lycra-covered ankle wrap
  • Key pocket
  • Suggested surf size use: 2-to-8 foot

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