Ride Engine Manta 84cm (33″) Foil

Ride Engine Manta 84cm (33″) Foil


Manta Wing 84cm (33″) for SUP, Wing or Pump

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Designed for SUP foiling, the Manta 84 wing has the surface area and lift needed to get larger, heavier paddle boards up and cruising on small waves and rolling swell. A big wing span and relatively flat profile give it a super stable, floaty feel, while its inverted gull wing shape allows for cruising at faster speeds without having to pump as much as than many large-format wings require.

  • Unique Big Wing design for Maximum lift and stability
  • Inverted gull wing shape gives great lift but also better top end performance than wings of a similar size
  • New carbon composite construction- durability, more range and more efficient
  • Safe-T winglets help prevent injury


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