North Waist Board Leash

North Waist Board Leash


Adjustable Belt with coiled board leash

Comfortable, neoprene-lined waist belt with coiled PU double-swivel board leash.

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The leash cord stays above the water, minimizing drag or entanglement with your feet or foil. The belt has a non-slip fast-release clip that can be adjusted to fit your waist size. We’ve ensured the lining is extra wide and comfortable against your skin, even when wearing without a wetsuit. It features two fixed loops for optional left or right side leash attachment if you wish to attach your wing leash to the same belt (wing leash sold separately).


  • Secure Clip Fastening
  • Fixed coiled leash
  • Two additional loops for left-right Wing Leash attachment
  • Wide non-scratch neoprene comfort lining


  •  Coiled PU board leash
  • Leash length = 183cm (6”)
  • Cord thickness = 5.5mm (1/5”)
  • Cuff width = 4.5cm (3/4”)
  • Max Circumference = 145cm (57”)

Item Includes

  • 1x Waist Belt, 1x Wing Leash, 2x Attachment Loops