Nobile The One V2

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Nobile The One V2



**Expected to arrive in January! Give us a call to reserve yours!**

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STYLE: Foil / Light Wind
Main features:
– Innovative one strut design, excellent for light wing and foil riding
– Exceptional light wind and foil performance
– Great upwind performance and depower, combined with insane turning abilities makes this a perfect foil machine
– Great control combined with light bar feeling during all depower stages
– Superb upwind performance
– 1 strut construction vv- Easy relaunch with any kite size and wind conditions
– One pomp inflation system with high volume valve
– Front and back bridle trimming options
– More durable bridles with pulleys
– Improved sewing technology and quality
– 4 line bar system
– Recommended pressure: 7,5-8,5 Psi
For the 2023 collection we’re proud to introduce a 2nd edition of Nobile well received light wind One strut Kite. We have improved the leading edge, in order to gain stiffness in stronger conditions. Lightwind abilities of THE ONE kite had been proven by multiple independent tests and users all over the globe. The one will fulfill your expectations in lightwind, foiling as well as wave riding. And still delivers proper hang time once used with straps. New colourways are extremely unique, and will let you be spotted on the beach.

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