Mystic Surf Leash Pro

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Mystic Surf Leash Pro

Built to handle all conditions, the Pro combines weightlessness and strength into a performance-driven leash. No pinching or twisting thanks to the smooth, 3D-moulded leash base and comfortable cuff lined with non-water absorbing EVA grip.

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  • Ergonomic ankle cuff with EVA grip
  • Reinforced railsaver construction
  • Flexible leash connection with swivel 5.5mm cord


  • Ergonomic ankle cuff with EVA grip: This ankle cuff features non-water absorbing EVA grip. The added friction stops the cuff from rotating around the ankle, ensuring you’ve got a lightweight and comfortable attachment to your board.
  • Reinforced Railsaver Construction: The railsaver is reinforced with optimal padding to protect your rails from the cord and withstand the pressure from any wipeouts.
  • Flexible Leash Connection with Swivel: The swivel offers a flexible and strong leash connection and helps keep the leash from getting twisted around your ankles.

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Leash Size

5ft, 6ft


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