2020 North Flare


Transition from Kite to Park with style. Designed for advanced kiteboarding Wakestyle and Park riders using bulletproof P-Tex grind base material to be the most durable board in the park. Adjustable stance width allows you to change the Flare's rocker profile from a flatter upwind-optimised rocker to a higher wakestyle rocker by narrowing the stance.


Stance sensitivity

PressFlexQuad concave centre to deep quad channel tips
Durable base layerMedium outline curveABS rails
No handle inserts
Fix boots recommended

20mm fins included

Strong, abrasion resistant composite fins with dogbone washers and M6 screws.

Standardized SS316 M6x16 screws

139x41   143x42   147x43   151x43

Board, Flare TwinTip Board Accessory Kit


139×41, 143×42, 147×43, 151×43



North Kiteboarding draws deep roots from North Sailing. The new North is not to be confused with Duotone who used to be branded as North.