Ion Muse Shorty Crossback


Ion Muse Shorty Crossback


**PLEASE NOTE the Teal Medium Shorty has some discoloration in the color pattern and as a result we have discounted it as such**

This crossback design is the improved version of a swimsuit with more coverage for action-packed sessions. Longer legs and the crossed strap design make sure everything stays in place and provide basic protection against sun rays, wind chills and abrasion from your equipment.

This women’s shorty is perfect for warm days when you just want a little bit more coverage than a bathing suit. The legs are just long enough to keep you covered up completely when you’re playing in the water and the crossback straps will show off your shoulders and arms.

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Black, Dark Berry, Teal


34/XS, 32/XXS, 38/M, 36/S


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