BB Talkin 3 Way Communication Package

BB Talkin 3 Way Communication Package

Comes with x1 Bb3.0 Master Unit and x2 Bb3.0 Standard Units.

Package Includes: x1: A01M – Master Unit, x1: A02SD – Standard Unit 2 piece set

Priced Individually: x3 Headsets according to what you select.

You need a headset to go with each unit to communicate.  BB Talkin headsets have a proprietary design which plugs into our unit and case, keeping it waterproof.

This is the 3-way communication package with the new Bb 3.0 units. If you want to add a fourth person into your communication set up later on, you would add one standard unit. To understand how the new 3.0 units connect for a 2, 3 or 4 way communication, below is a helpful connection chart:



  • You cannot connect any 3.0 Unit with an Advance Unit
  • You cannot connect a 3.0 Master Unit with another 3.0 Master Unit

If you have purchased BbTALKIN products in the past, your old headset will work with these new units. Remember you can easily move your unit from one headset to another.

This new improved device allows you to select the person you want to talk to, connect, hang up, and operate. It gives the coach new easy control when providing on the water instruction. The units have volume control and mute options. Bb 3.0 units have a long battery life and are light weight at 63 grams!

BB Talkin’s system is 100% durable and waterproof. Your conversation is in real time, no push to talk. Simultaneously have a conversation together for on the water instruction and safety. Have fun riding together on the water during whatever sport is your passion. Our devices provide superior voice clarity so you can easily communicate together.


Intercall talk time: 14 hr (2-way)

Charge time: 2 hr

Weight: 63g

Waterproof: IPX7 *must be in the waterproof case

When not in use, store in a climate controlled environment.


LED: The second indicator after power ON

Blue = 100% – 60%

Purple = 60% – 40%

Red = 40% – 0%

Power on Prompt: “bbtalkin intercom” = 100% – 60%

“battery mid” = 60% – 40%

“battery low” = 40% – 0%


AC adapter 5V± 5% 500mA

AC adapter less than 5V.

Do not use higher than 5V or this will damage the IC unit and void warranty. Please make sure the device is completely dry before charging.

Charging cable: USB Type C

LED Indicator:

While Charging:

Red = Charging

Blue = Fully Charged

3.0 devices do not connect to any prior model BbTALKIN devices.

3.0 will NOT work with BbTALKIN Advance Units.

Master device cannot connect to another Master device.


Do NOT modify or disassemble the device. If your device gets damaged or water inside the case, stop using it immediately. If your device gets wet, stop using and immediately turn off. Let it completely dry in a climate controlled area. Do not try to turn your device back on until completely dry. If your device takes on water, it is most likely damaged beyond repair. Water damage is not covered under warranty.


  • No push to talk. Simultaneous conversation
    (hands are always free)
  • 10h talking time, long battery life
  • Superior Voice Clarity
  • Volume control with (+) and (-) buttons for volume located at the top of the unit.
  • Coach Control of operating x2 Standard devices (Can add one more Standard device for a 4 way communication set up)


Advance Units: NO

The 3.0 Units will NOT connect to Advance Units.

Headsets: YES

The 3.0 Units are compatible with every BbTALKIN brand headset currently or previously sold.

Other brand headsets: YES

The 3.0 Units are compatible with any headset that has a 3.5 mm jack. However, any other brand headset will not have our waterproof screw on connection into the waterproof case.

MP3, Smart Watches, Air buds or other Bluetooth Players: NO

The 3.0 Units will NOT connect to all Bluetooth devices. We can only guarantee they will connect to a cell phone.

VHF Radios: NO

The 3.0 Units will NOT connect to VHF radios.

2015-March 2018 BLACK Main and Master Unit models: NO

The 3.0 Units will not pair with any older model BbTALKIN units.

BbSpeaker & BbRadio: NO

The 3.0 Units will not pair to our BbSpeaker or BbRadio.