AK Phazer Foilboard V3

AK Phazer Foilboard V3


What is new?

Compared to the Phazer v2, they have reduced the width in the 66L, 78L, and 90L of the Phazer v3 between half an inch (12mm) and one inch (2.5cm) depending on the sizes. These are your more dedicated wing sizes, and this trend follows our push to increase maneuverability and overall performance. They have also increased the nose rocker and added the high apex rail originally developed in the Compact. This offers the feel of a smaller board when up and riding and maintains stability when getting up and going.

The Phazer is a showcase of our obsession with versatility. We set out to create a single board range that caters to foilers who want to explore as many aspects of foil riding as possible, in a single product.

The fast rocker, high volume, and compact shapes are easy to use and high performance at the same time, while the optional footstraps and sandwich construction open up the aerial and high-speed potential.

You’ll find the complete Phazer v3 dimensions and user guide at the bottom of the post, but first, we break down the details of each size:

4’0” – 5’0”

Perfect for surf, kite & pump foiling.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced surf foilers.

All-around shape for kiting or advanced wing foiling.

The smaller sizes of the Phazer offer easy paddling and quick take offs in a compact shape. This range is the ideal choice for intermediate to advanced foil surfers, an all-around shape for kiting, or for the advanced wing foiler.

4’0” x 18.5” x 2.28” 25L

4’3” x 19.25” x 2.44” 30L

4’6” x 20.25” x 2.65” 36L

5’0” x 21.25” x 2.9” 46L


5’3” – 5’6”

Perfect for intermediate wing foiling. Versatile maneuverability & ease of use. Surf inspired high curve outline.

The Phazer 5’3” to 5’6” offer a versatile shape perfect for intermediate level wing foiling. The mid-length shape provides the perfect platform for early take offs and smooth touch downs, with the curved outline designed to engage the rail for more aggressive turns.

5’3” x 24” x 3.5” 65L

5’4” x 25” x 3.9” 78L

5’6” x 26” x 4.2” 90L

5’10” & 6’2”

Perfect for heavy weight & light wind wing riding. Harder release edges & stepped rail for early planing. Wide tail & deep step for stability & pumping.

The Phazer 5’10” and 6’2” provide a stable platform for light wind winging or the heavier rider. The harder release edges, stepped rail, and flatter rocker get the Phazer planing early. The wide tail creates a stable platform when light wind gliding or sub-planing with the deep step in the tail reducing catching when pumping.

5’10” x 28.5” x 4.4” 110L

6’2” x 30.25” x 5” 140L

Phazer Strap & Insert Positions
The Phazer foilboards feature reinforced footstrap inserts with a number of different forwards or backwards positions, with a 2.5cm (1”) spacing. This enables the rider to be further forwards or backwards on the board, relative to their preferred stance width and foil position.

The front strap has the option of being mounted centred, slightly offset, or with a double or single strap at a 45-degree angle. The rear strap can be mounted over the center line of the board, or offset to the left or right. This insert pattern allows for left or right foot forward riding off to one side of the deck or a single strap angled slightly over the center line.

The US Box foil mount on the bottom deck allows for quick and easy assembly and micro trim adjustment. These inserts are compatible with any standard 9 x 16.5cm foil plate system and are connected through to the deck of the board with high density inserts.

Kitting: The 4’0″ – 5’0″ ship standard with 2 x single Ether footstraps, while the 5’3″ – 6’2″ ship standard with 1 x single Ether footstrap and 1 x Ether V footstrap.

Recommended Footstrap Screws: M6 self-tapping screws, 22 – 28mm long, depending on the thickness of your straps.

Additional information

Foil Board Volume

110 Liters, 140 Liters


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