2023 Slingshot Wizard V4

2023 Slingshot Wizard V4

Compact / Agile / Performance

Package Includes: Wizard V4 Board, (Foil Track Hardware not included)

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They wanted the best line of maneuver-oriented windfoil boards to help you progress from never ever to foiling aficionado.

Why You Will Love It

The Wizard offers the feeling of riding the foil and nothing else.
  • Extended foil tracks continue out the back of the tail, allowing for easy foil connect/ disconnect
  • Inset bottom handle allows you to carry your board and your foil like a normal windsurf kit
  • New lighter-weight construction
  • Boxy volume under your feet, where you need it
  • Direct rail-to-rail responsiveness
  • Centerline back footstrap option
  • Forward wind foiling footstrap inserts in 114L and 90L”

How is it different from the previous versions?

  • New lighter construction
  • Out-the-back extended foil tracks
  • Inset bottom carry handle
  • Updated Graphics


  • Out-The-Back Foil Tracks: Allows for super quick foil connect and disconnect
  • Centerline Back Foot Strap And 4-Strap Outboard Options: Strap up The Wizard to match your style
  • Bottom Inset Carry Handle Allows you to carry your gear easily the same way you would a finned board
  • Forward Wind Foiling Footstrap Inserts on 90L and 114L
  • An extra forward set of footstrap inserts allow the 90L and 114L to double as a great wing board”

Additional information


90L, 114L, 130L


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